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Launch day for my micropub site!

After intermittent work for most of this year (with large breaks in between work bouts) I finally have cobbled together enough to swap out the server for this site! It looks generally the same because I've adapted the template to the new server implementation. It is based on the indieweb movement and micropub standard (though certainly not nearly standards compliant just yet). Hopefully I'll write up more about each of those soon and why they prompted me to do an implementation of my own.

The implementation is fairly bare bones so far - supports basics like posting notes and articles and will probably work for other microformat types but maybe not entirely as expected. More types of entries as well as support for things like web mentions and syndication is in the cards next, as well as fixing up some rough edges (the import of old posts worked but I've noticed some markdown links are not rendering properly for example). Still, I felt this was far enough along that I'd rather deal with some of these things after launch rather than make it perfect. I've had a goal of trying to get this out before the end of the year. Ideally, it would've been much sooner but I've not always been motivated to work on it. I have had some time off in the last two weeks and got some momentum going. Hoping that actually launching will help me keep that going past the holiday break.