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About Me

Hey, I'm David.
Me + my dog Kody

 I grew up in Michigan, lived in the Bay Area for six years, and then moved to Minneapolis in 2020. I've been a runner since high school and enjoy training for races between 5k and marathon distances. I've been writing computer programs since 8th grade when I started out with building some simple games in a BASIC variant and things escalated from there. 

 I've worked for both large and small tech companies in the past and am currently a Staff Engineer at Strava on the team responsible for activity uploads, all of the backend data storage for incoming activity data, a bunch of aggregate data features like goals, best efforts, segment leaderboards, etc, and the web/mobile experiences for many of those same features. 

 I occasionally write here about software (programming things I've learned, projects, TILs, etc), running, books/papers I've read, and any anything else that strikes my fancy. In recent years I've rekindled an interest in making physical objects that I had as a kid and am now an occasional woodworker, maybe I'll write about some of those projects here as well.