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Detroit Turkey Trot 10k: Race Report

Last Thursday on Thanksgiving I raced a 10k at the Detroit Turkey Trot. This was a big day for me because it was my first 10k encounter since Bayshore in the summer. I knew I had a chance for a major PR because I am in much better shape now that I was then.

Going into the race, my goal was to hit 6 minute pace for as long as possible and then just see if I could go faster for the last mile or so. It turns out most of that worked out. I missed all of the mile markers until mile 5 so for most of the race I had no idea how fast I was going but was just focusing on keeping things fast but smooth and not pushing too hard. After the 1st mile or so where I had moved up though the pack I found a group doing about my pace and just sort of tucked in. I crossed the 5 mile mark at 29:55 and was extremely happy to see that everything was going according to plan.

The last 1.2 was a bit rough it turns out but I still finished in 37:34 which is a huge PR of almost four and a half minutes\! Awesome.

Then it was time to go chow down on some delicious Thanksgiving day food. The Turkey Trot was a great start to the day though, even if I did have to wake up at 4:30am.