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Holiday Hustle 5k: Race Report

Yesterday I ran the [Holiday Hustle](http://holiday5k.runningfitsites.com/) in Dexter.

I’m just going to say that i think the mile markers were placed a bit off but am pretty certain the course was still 3.1 based on a few different measurements. Given that, I think that my mile splits were something like this: 5:35 or maybe a little faster, 5:45ish, 5:30. I wish I knew exactly what they were.

This course was deceptively hilly and tough. There were lots of rolling hills and there was a pretty long hill right before mile 2 that was very rough. I’ll admit that for a little while around that 2 mile marker I was thinking that this PR wasn’t going to happen. I just kept telling myself to stick with the people near me and not let them get to far. To just to hang on. It Worked.

I finished at 17:12 which is 5 seconds faster than my previous best set

  1. years ago\! I have been working so hard this Fall to achieve that goal and all of the hard work and many many miles have finally paid off. It may not be a sub-17 which was my other goal but I now know I’m well on my way there.

[Full results here.](http://www.timing.runningfitsites.com/raceresults.php?RaceID=284)

I’m now done racing hard for the rest of this year. I plan on taking about a week off entirely after this morning’s long run. After that I’ll start training again for indoor and outdoor track with MRun this winter and spring. I also signed up for the [Bayshore Half-Marathon](http://www.bayshoremarathon.org/half-marathon) yesterday morning (it sold out in less than 2 hours)\! This will be my first half and the longest race I’ve ever done. The distance doesn’t scare me too much because I’ve done 12-14 mile long runs regularly but racing the distance is a whole other deal. I’ve got time to train for that thankfully.

I’m 3/3 in PRs in my last three races and that’s awesome\! I’m finally faster than high school me from four years ago\!