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Ice Cube 10k Race Report

Today I drove up to and ran the Ice Cube 10k with some fellow a2runners (they actually did the half). The highlights are that I took first overall with a time of 38:12. Also, I got a really awesome race award. It was handmade and now I have a collection of unique race awards (including the one from [my first win](http://davidwilemski.com/blog/2012/10/summerfall-recap/ "Summer/Fall Recap"))\!

This is my second ever race win and my first race of the year - looks like things are off to a great start\!

If you want to read more details, I’ve posted a more in-depth report here:¬†http://openrunlog.org/u/david/run/51201295f69d202ebd0e09c3

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