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Race Report: Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 2012

Blargh. This race didn’t turn out to be what I had hoped. I’m not pleased by this but the only thing to do is put this one behind me.

Quick rundown:

Mile 1: I went out with the chase pack, we hit just below 5:20 and I was pleased with that, right on target instead of blasting the first mile like I did last race. But the first mile is always easy.

My thoughts the rest of the race: "Why am I getting passed? ... Just keep going ... Ouch, why was that 2 mile so slow?"

Mile 2 came by  in right around 11:15 or 11:20. I ran a 6 flat 2nd mile and that right there was the race for me. The target of 11 or under wasn’t even close. Mile 3 was even worse. I finished in 18:23.

End of Season

Since today doesn’t qualify as a good race, I’m now searching for a way to fix that. I was planning on running the Lightfest 8k in Livonia real easy just for fun this coming Tuesday night, now maybe I’ll use it as a tempo run and PR my 8k - should be do able since the only 8k I’ve run was on a cross country course that was hilly.

I thought doing easy running to maintain fitness for the next few weeks was a good idea but now I’m leaning the other way. 2-3 more weeks of hard training while I get through the Detroit Turkey Trot and Holiday Hustle seems like a good plan.