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Race Report: Passion For Life 5k

The other week I sort of decided to run this 5k at the last minute. The course was almost entirely flat and overall organized pretty well. The downside was that I didn’t improve on my recent 5k times at all - I guess things weren’t as smooth as I thought last post. Anyhow, I finished with a 20:54 which somehow got me the age group win as well. I was actually very disappointed with my time and really felt like I shouldn’t have won the age group either - especially since the course was so flat. Full results can be found here: <http://runmichigan.com/r_view.php?id=15130>

Since then it has been training as usual. Last Friday I actually ran the first hard track workout that I’ve done in a while with some friends. We did 4x5:00 hard with 3:00 rest in between and then 3x200m hard as well. This workout was actually very encouraging for me since all of my laps on the track were very even and I was right on pace for 6 min miles all the way though. So maybe in the past that would have been nothing for me, for now I’ll take it\!

I was very sore over the weekend following that workout (I forgot how much speedwork hurts\!) but managed to get over it by Monday and then yesterday I was able to run a 12 mile long run which turned out to be right at 8 min pace average. This was another hugely comforting workout and it turned out today I felt pretty good on my [group run](http://www.meetup.com/A2Runners/events/58450522/).

I’m getting excited for the Martian 10K - it’s just about a week and a half away\!