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Running Update: No more injuries

I’ve been running off and on again for most of the past year struggling with injuries (pulled quad, shin splints). I think I’m close to being able to say that that stuff is finally past me. I’ve been running ~20 miles a week for the past few weeks and so far so good (a few twinges in my legs the past few days that I’m gonna keep an eye on).

[![New Shoes\!](http://oromis.davidwilemski.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/2422872127175379995126425392632619092892302_o-300x225.jpg "New Shoes!")](http://oromis.davidwilemski.com/blog/202/running-update-no-more-injuries/2422872127175379995126425392632619092892302_o/)Last night I was heading out for my run and got this crazy idea that I wanted to do a mile time trial.Yes, despite it being the first day on new shoes, being super wet out, and my legs acting up a little (I did say it was a crazy idea\!). I’ll be running a 5k next weekend and wanted to see what of hard, but not all out, mile time I could get so I know how fast to go out in this race.

So I ran a mile and a half warm up to the track. Did I mention it’s probably been a little over 2 years since I’ve been on a track? I stretched a little then did my mile. It was pretty humid still despite it being midnight but forgot about that quickly as I started. My first lap felt easy - not too fast, not too slow - at about 1:30. The second lap went by in another 1:30 split, but I was really feeling it by the end of that lap. The third lap’s split was 1:32 and the final lap’s was 1:33 despite me feeling like I picked it up - I had forgotten how that works. So I ended with a 6:05 mile after not training hard for months. Something to improve on, but I’m content for now. It really surprised me how well I actually kept my splits - that was something I always struggled with before.

Next weekend I’m going to shoot for 6:30 pace in my 5k and see what happens (assuming the legs are fine this week). Hopefully I’m not being too ambitious. I’d really like to go sub 20 mins as a baseline for getting back into racing.

I’ll post something about my results next weekend after the race, and I plan on doing more running posts to try and keep myself accountable for my running. Sometimes the hardest part is convincing myself to get out the door :)