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Smooth Sailing

I’ve had an inkling of this thought a few times this week so I thought I’d spend some time fleshing it out.

I’m starting to actually feel like a runner again. I’m finally hitting some pretty decent mileage this week and feeling good while doing it. I’m not waking up every morning feeling like I ran into a wall out of fatigue from the previous day’s run. Even in this odd March heat we’ve been having I’ve been putting some good (longer) runs in.

I’m planning on racing tomorrow and I’m pretty excited for that. I’m going to hit over 40 miles this week (probably more like 45) for the first time probably since high school. I’m building my mileage base for this summer’s plans. Things are going well\!

I know the ’hit a wall’ feeling will come back once I’ve actually upped my milage to 60 or 70+ MPW but all in good time. Also I know my average mile pace for training runs could be up and that’s something to focus on soon too. For now I’m just gonna enjoy the fact that I’m feeling great about my running. This is definitely good motivation to keep my training going and not let it fizzle out like in the past.