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WebPastr revisited

Last October I wrote about my [first experience with Google App Engine](http://oromis.davidwilemski.com/blog/85/building-a-quick-and-dirty-web-service-on-google-app-engine-webpastr/) which took the form of a reallllly simple service that I called WebPastr.

It has been something that I built once and sort of forgot about. I’ve used it off and on since building it but no one else has - which is about what I expect. One thing that was unexpected, however, was the fact that shortly after writing that first blog post about it, it got [posted to reddit’s /r/AppEngine](http://www.reddit.com/r/AppEngine/comments/drlmx/buildingaquickanddirtywebserviceongoogle/). As it happens, I only found this out after the fact; and to make matters worse I have no idea exactly how my post was originally found because I had just gone through a web host change and had forgotten to set up analytics again. So to that poster, if you’re reading this - thanks\! :)

[![](http://oromis.davidwilemski.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Visitors-Overview-Google-Analytics.png "Visitors Overview - Google Analytics")](http://oromis.davidwilemski.com/blog/191/webpastr-revisited/visitors-overview-google-analytics/)As you can see, it was by no means a huge amount of traffic (huge in the sense of reddit or Digg front page huge), but it was a ton for my tiny site that only gets maybe a handful of views a month. It was the first time I really thought about the fact that I can produce things that people want to know about though.

So why this post now? Months later, nobody cares about this right? Yeah, well pretty much. Something I planned on doing a while back was releasing the source to this so others could learn from it. I’ve progressed so far since then, but even though it’s really basic, it was valuable to me in understanding the structure of a App Engine/Python web app. So that’s what I’m finally doing today. WebPastr is now up [on github](http://github.com/davidwilemski/webpastr); Anyone can see just how simple this little idea of mine was to implement and hopefully it will help others in some small way - and who knows maybe I’ll actually end up doing more with it now that it’s public so that I can be less embarrassed about how simple it really is\!