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What's Next?

As I’ve had this blog setup for a few months now and have just a few posts I’m setting some new goals for me to stick with. I don’t wish to commit too much time here as I have lots of exciting other things that are grabbing my attention - these you will hear about soon enough. There are also lots of other things that need my attention which are not as exciting - such as keeping up with my classwork.

"So", you might ask, "what can I expect to see here?"

Starting tomorrow, I plan on taking one photo per day and posting it here. This photo will be taken with a camera and will not be a screenshot of any type. Furthermore, I will also be writing at least one post a week. It may be more but I am going to stick to at least the one. I am not committing to a day as of yet but if need be I will - and that would be announced here of course. These posts will be about the projects I am working on and any observations I make through out the days that I may want to record for the future. Lastly, as time permits, I will be working on a custom theme for this blog that will closely resemble that of DavidWilemski.com. I just have to populate that site with my own projects first.

Be on the look out for my photo of the day and first weekly post\! If you were feeling really generous you could even subscribe to my feed...